Mortgage Advisor

Mortgage Advisor

If you're searching for a professional mortgage advisor in the UK, make sure to get in touch with us now and we can assist you.

Mortgage Specialists

Mortgage Specialists

Our mortgage specialists can look into your finances and help you sort out a mortgage which is suitable for your income and outgoings.

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Mortgage Advisor

Being a reputable home mortgage advisor we guarantee to seek out precisely the right mortgage for you from the many the market can offer, giving a whole of market selection that will not be outdone. Our advice is always free and the specialist team deliver comprehensive home loan info customised to fit your individual circumstances. It is necessary to find a home loan deal that suits you, if you are buying a brand new home or looking to remortgage your current property. An expert mortgage consultant can provide more information regarding the different options out there, and help with all of the documentation. They may also be dealing with lenders, solicitor and surveyors at each and every part of the process, ensuring that it all runs smoothly from start to finish. You could get your perfect house using a range of unique home loan options which include 95% loans with help from government initiatives. Finding a house loan doesn't need to be a difficult activity, and your expert will do what they can to make certain that your house purchasing experience is a good one. Speak to our staff now to find out more on just how we can assist you to find the best mortgage offers.

Our mortgage advisers are here to save you money and time too! We’ll make sure you qualify for any deal before you apply. Not only that, you'll get expert advice and support throughout the whole mortgage process. We specialise in finding mortgages for people with difficult or complex situations e.g. self employed individuals, small business owner/directors and “buy - to - let” investors. We are fully independent mortgage brokers who can advise you on the whole range of mortgages available and help you find the right mortgage. As independent mortgage brokers we are not restricted to selling the products of a particular finance bank or building society. 

Getting a mortgage is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll make, so it’s important to get it right. This guide will help you work out whether you should get a mortgage adviser, where to get free advice, how your bank might be able to help and which comparison websites you can check.

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It may be puzzling when you've got loads of questions on buying a house and getting your very first mortgage. Through the help of our expert advisors, you can discover everything you need to know with regards to just how much it'll cost you and what you can borrow. We will also clarify the entire buying plan which includes likely legal work, survey along with other costs associated with purchasing. It may be difficult to get your first step on the property ladder, however, there is loads of guidance available for first time buyers. Our mortgage plan consultants are industry experts in the options available, this includes shared equity schemes supplied by new home contractors and housing associations. With the assistance of a first time buyer plan, you could be in a position to purchase the property you have always wished for.

Our independent mortgage brokers will find and evaluate a wide range of currently available mortgage offers. Our mortgage brokers provide independent advice to help you find the mortgage that best suits your individual circumstances. In most cases we will then take care of management of the mortgage application and all necessary administration. Some lenders choose to deal directly with the public and in those cases the client will be advised accordingly.

Mortgage brokers use comprehensive, up to date databases to check the whole of the market for mortgages to suit every category of borrower e.g. first time buyer mortgages, remortgage, buy to let mortgages and finance for commercial borrowers and home movers.

The mortgage market is incredibly competitive and it can be hard to understand what exactly is on offer. There are many different providers and a wide range of products and rates available, so it’s a good idea to talk to your bank, as well as a number of independent mortgage advisors, before making up your mind. This guide will take you through the routes to getting a mortgage and the importance of studying your options before making a decision.

Mortgage Specialists

The Help to Buy initiative was introduced by the UK government in April 2013 to enable first time buyers and house movers to purchase a new house with a 5% deposit. After already helping over ten thousand first time buyers and home sellers, the strategies are becoming very popular. Our team of experts would be pleased to guide you through what you need to know about the options. Our experts can assist you throughout every step of the process as well as offer further information on buying your property. Our committed home loan consultants will discuss your needs and attempt to find the perfect option for you. This very same advisor will help with forms and talk with government staff to make certain that your property purchasing process will be as smooth as it can be.

Some building contractors give a Help to Buy Equity Loan for new build homes which is frequently a good option for buyers. In order to be involved in the scheme, you'll need a deposit of at least 5% as this entitles you to a 20% government equity loan along with a mortgage plan of 75% through a lender. Another area of this program is the Help to Buy Mortgage Guarantee that has proven success for people thinking of buying a property or surrounding areas. This gives first time buyers and home sellers access to 95% mortgages, 15% of this will be guaranteed by the UK government. This section of the strategy corresponds to current properties in addition to new builds.

Our independent financial planners have up to the minute information on the mortgage deals available. They will give you straightforward, jargon free advice and information. Our business systems and standing enable us to obtain fast decisions for you on mortgage availability. As experienced mortgage brokers are fully experienced in specialist mortgages for the self employed, first time buyers and buy to let. We also advice on financing the purchase of commercial property.

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As one of the UK’s leading whole of market mortgage advisors, we promise to find exactly the right mortgage for you from the thousands the market has to offer, offering a whole of market choice that won’t be beaten. We will get closest thing to perfect when it comes to mortgages

Our advice is always free to you and our award winning advisors provide expert mortgage advice tailored to suit your individual circumstances, making sure we find the best mortgage deal for you, whether that be for a new house purchase, a remortgage or a buy-to-let mortgage.

Getting advice, rather than doing research on your own, means that if the mortgage turns out to be unsuitable for you later on, you’ll have more rights when you make a complaint.

For example, you could make a complaint of financial mis-selling if the advice you were given turned out to be unsuitable for you. Not taking any advice means you have to take full responsibility for your mortgage decision.

If you don’t take advice you could end up:

  • With the wrong mortgage for your situation, which would be a costly mistake in the long run.
  • Being rejected by your chosen lender, because you didn’t understand the restrictions clearly or what circumstances the mortgage was designed for.

You will be appointed your very own dedicated mortgage broker near by, who will complete all the paperwork with you, dealing with the lenders, solicitors, and surveyors at every stage of the process, ensuring everything goes smoothly from start to finish.

Our local mortgage brokers have up to the minute information to find current best buy mortgages and special offers. If you are finding difficulty obtaining a mortgage our mortgage brokers can often help. Acting on the advice of our mortgage brokers can save very significant sums of your money over the life of your mortgage.

Mortgage Broker offer a whole of market mortgage and loans sourcing service. They can help:

  • First-time Buyers
  • Home Movers
  • Remortgage customers
  • Buy to Let investors and landlords
  • Customers who require Debt Management advice

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We advise on the full range of mortgages. As independent financial advisors, our mortgage brokers are not tied to offering mortgages from specific banks or finance house. We use our experience of the mortgage market to find the mortgage most suited to your circumstances. Our team of specialist house loan advisors will be happy to support you with what you need whether you’re getting your first home loan or you are relocating. Feel free to contact our team to discuss your choices and obtain expert advice.